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We build strong foundations for action by creating forums and formats for forging consensus and meaningful conversation that results in useful input.

What we do:

We develop plans for municipalities, institutions, and organizations that enable effective decision-making regarding choices, policy alternatives and other planning issues. This is accomplished through a carefully crafted process that engages stakeholders at all phases.


This process, together with extensive research, results in a clear and concise roadmap that outlines action steps towards a desired future that provides guidance in making decisions and allocating resources. 

Community Circle is dedicated to the idea that a meaningful participation process – one that is inclusive, fair, open, clear, accessible and broad-based – is the foundation of good planning.   Good planning in turn leads to solutions in which all participants are in step with one another.

In all planning endeavors we pay close attention to:

  • meaningful and innovative stakeholder participation and opportunities for community building 

  • sustainability and resilience (environmental, economic, social)

  • health and wellness (individual, community-wide)

  • efficient use of resources (time, money, potential partnerships, etc.)

  • opportunities for the preservation and enhancement of community character

  • creating action plans that integrate stakeholder input, are user-friendly, clear, easy to update, and that are implementable

How we do it:

Unlike a traditionally organized firm with a vertical hierarchy, Community Circle collaborates with other professionals in a manner that is more akin to the spokes of a wheel. Teams are formed with the skill set geared to the specific needs of a particular project. The project is centrally coordinated by a project manager, but all the team members are senior professionals who contribute equally to the project’s success and are accessible to the client throughout the process. 

Community Circle views the client as a key members of the project team and considers the relationship to be a partnership.

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