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Transportation, land use, and economic development are intimately related.   There is increasingly significant interest and support in many communities for alternative modes of transportation, a desire to reduce dependency on the automobile and therefore support for public transportation and walking and biking infrastructure.


Community conversations often revolve around reducing traffic congestion, increasing parking capacity, and creating a walking and biking system of connected sidewalks, crosswalks, bike paths and trails as an alternative to travel by car.


Community Circle, working closely with transportation planners, has conducted outreach for a number of transportation planning projects.

Outreach for Transportation projects include:

  • Redesign of Rotary, Hudson, MA (with BSC Group, Inc.; winner of APA Innovative Placemaking Award, 2017)

  • Outreach for State Transportation Plan

  • Evaluation of Handicap Transportation System, San Juan, Puerto Rico

  • Outreach for Holyoke Transportation Plan 

  • Planning Assistance to Rockport MBTA Station Area 

  • Move Massachusetts, Massachusetts Department of Transportation

  • Bus Service (28X), Blue Hill Avenue, Boston, MA 

  • Environmental Justice Research Study to identify best practice participation methods for transportation projects in low-income areas. U.S. Case Studies Federal Department of Transportation 

  • Transportation Roundtables for Master Plans (e.g Acton, MA; Littleton, MA; Fall River, MA; Southbridge, MA; Northfield, MA; Amherst, MH; Milton, MA)

  • Member of APA-MA Chapter Transportation Committee: 

    • Facilitated an “Ethics in Transportation” session at SNEAPA (Southern New England APA) Conference (2019).  Created role-playing opportunities, polling, and other interactive ways to participate in the discussion.

    • Co-lead on developing a webinar (2021) on gender differences in the use of transportation systems, networks, and technologies, focused on implications for future design to better meet women’s needs. (An international audience, as Daphne invited colleagues from Holland and Chile.)  

    •  Co-lead in developing a webinar (2020) on the emergence of Slow/Shared Streets during COVID and the impacts on the environment, community building and equity. (Daphne invited a colleague from Italy for an international perspective and had a national audience). 

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