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Suburban Communities

Recent research has indicated that much of the growth in housing and even in jobs will take place in suburban communities over the next decades.  Development pressures, seniors choosing to age in place, and new immigrant groups looking to bring up their children in good schools and leafy environs, are but some of the factors that are changing the needs and character of some of these communities.


They point out that the future of suburbs will continue to be denser, but also more environmentally friendly. Suburbanites will demand fewer golf courses in the future and more public trails and common landscapes. They also believe autonomous cars will transform suburbia, and take strain off of transit systems so they can focus on improving service in urban cores rather than expanding outward in less efficient ways.

Often suburban communities are as concerned with preserving what is lovely, such as natural and historic features, as they are with attracting new desirable uses in locations and ways that are compatible with the community's character.

The following are projects that Community Circle either led or was a key member of a team that completed the plan.  

Master Planning Projects include:

  • Lexington, MA, Comprehensive Plan

  • Walpole, MA, Master Plan

  • North Andover, MA, Master Plan

  • Littleton, MA, Master Plan

  • Kittery, ME, Comprehensive Plan

  • Milton, MA, Master Plan

  • Millbury, MA, Master Plan

  • Southbridge, MA, Master Plan

  • Northfield, MA, Master Plan

  • Acton, MA, Master Plan

  • Holden, MA, Master Plan

  • Concord, MA, Master Plan

  • Lexington, MA, Visioning for Comprehensive Plan

  • Tyngsborough, MA, Master Plan

  • Lynnfield, MA, Master Plan

  • Canton, MA, Master Plan

  • Methuen, MA, Master Plan

  • Amherst, NH, Master Plan

  • Framingham, MA, Master Plan

  • Somerset, MA, Master Plan

Neighborhood/District Plans include:

  • Chinatown, MA, Master Plan

  • Springfield, MA, Master Plan

  • Westford, MA, Reuse Plan of East Boston Camps property

  • Rockport, MA, Reuse of MBTA Station area

  • Public Process for programming of Heritage State Park, Roxbury, MA 

  • Public process for programming for Judge Gourdin Veteran’s Memorial Park, Roxbury, MA 

  • Cultural Asset Mapping, Hyde Jackson Square Main Street, Jamaica Plain, MA

  • Reuse Plans for State Psychiatric Hospitals, State of Connecticut 

Zoning Review and Rewrite:

Conducted stakeholder engagement to provide education and opportunity for feedback to proposed zoning Hartwell Innovation District, Lexington, MA

Conducted stakeholder engagement for proposed zoning changes, Acton, MA


Conducted stakeholder engagement to provide input and support to  Barrett Planning Group in an effort to review and revise zoning to align with master plan goals:

  • Zoning Review and Rewrite, Southbridge, MA

  • Zoning Review and Rewrite, Northfield, MA

  • Zoning Review and Rewrite, Bedford, MA

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