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Planning for municipalities, non-profit organizations and state agencies.  Clear, usable, feasible and viable implementation plans to guide decision-making and resource allocation.

Involved in over 40 municipal master plans and over 30 related planning studies

  • Master Plans for Neighborhoods, Towns and Cities

  • Downtown Revitalization Plans

  • Park Plans

  • Reuse Plans

  • Strategic Plans

  • District Plans

  • Sector Plans (Economic Development, Housing, etc.)

  • Cultural Asset Mapping

Planning Expertise:

  • FAICP certification

  • Worked with more than forty municipalities on master plans, including:

    • Conducting an inventory and assessment of existing resources

    • Designing the process for a meaningful community conversation

    • Identification of key opportunities, challenges, trends

    • Developing an implementation plan (phasing, funding,                                                                                                                responsible parties & potential partners)

Cultural Responsiveness

Belonging is the ongoing culture created to have all people feel welcome across difference.  Manifested in the relationships, in conversations, physical space and written word.

  • familiarity and comfort working in diverse, multi-lingual, multi-cultural settings

  • expertise conducting outreach to “hard to reach populations”

  • experience conducting multi-lingual public forums and summary documents

  • fluent in Greek, working knowledge of Spanish

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