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User needs analysis for organizations and institutions.  Post-occupancy evaluations (POE) to inform future design of institutional buildings.

  • Focus groups

  • Interviews

  • Surveys/Questionnaires

  • Post-occupancy evaluations (POE)

  • Observation and photographic documentation​

  • Public Forums

Programming Expertise:

  • User needs analysis: solicit user input to incorporate into architectural program

  • Pre- and post-design services

  • Working closely with architects and landscape architects to understand design goals and limitations

  • Evaluation of buildings to draw lessons for future design

Cultural Responsiveness

•To recognize, respect, honor, and celebrate both similarities and differences in the human condition

  • familiarity and comfort working in diverse, multi-lingual, multi-cultural settings

  • expertise conducting outreach to disenfranchised members of the community 

  • experience conducting multi-lingual public forums and summary documents

  • fluent in Greek, working knowledge of Spanish

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