Urban Communities

Recent research indicates that small and mid-sized cities will be growing more rapidly than previously expected.  Some of these are challenged with "gateway city" and other inner city issues but also have great potential in terms of becoming walkable, vibrant and interesting places to live, work and play.  Often the residents in these cities are of diverse backgrounds and a special effort is required to bring the community together around efforts to plan for the future.

The following are projects that Community Circle either led or was a key member of a team that completed the plan.  

Urban Master Planning Projects include:

  • Fall River, MA

  • Framingham, MA

  • New Bedford, MA

  • Lawrence, MA

  • Keene, NH

  • Portsmouth, NH

  • Chelsea, MA

  • Springfield, MA

  • Chinatown, Boston, MA

  • Roxbury, MA

Sector Plans include:

  • Visioning for Recreation Dept., Hudson, MA

  • Consultation to Affordable Housing Trust Fund, Chelsea, MA 

  • Economic Development Plan, Southbridge, MA 

Cultural Competence:

  • Familiarity and comfort working in diverse, multi-lingual, multi-cultural settings

  • Expertise in conducting outreach to hard-to-reach populations

  • Experience conducting multi-lingual public forums & summary documents

  • Fluent in Greek, working knowledge of Spanish


Making meaningful connections between people and places.

The circle is an inclusive shape that implies fairness and invites participation. It is the shape of a connected community. It is also used to indicate and define “place.”


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