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Community Circle has worked with healthcare, educational and other institutions working with stakeholders in pre-design phases, taking their input and “translating” it into a space program.  Additionally, Community Circle has conducted evaluations of buildings, post-design, working with stakeholders to determine how well a building meets its design goals, what to replicate in future designs, what to avoid, and what to improve.

The following are projects that Community Circle either led or was a key member of a team that completed the program.  

Institutional Planning Projects include:

  • Outreach for Programming of Common Spaces Project, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA 

  • Outreach for Programming of the Science Center Plaza, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA 

  • Outreach for programming for Smith Campus Center, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA 

  • Post-Occupancy Evaluation of Hanover High School, Hanover, MA 

  • Post-Occupancy of Abbot-Downing School, Concord, NH 

  • Post-Occupancy of Christa McAuliffe School, Concord, NH 

  • Post Occupancy of Mill Brook, Concord, NH 

  • Post-Occupancy Evaluation (POE) of Central Tree Middle School, Rutland, MA

  • School Enrollment Projections Demographic Study, Chelsea, MA

  • Programming for High School Addition, Chelsea, MA 

  • Program for Public Safety Building, Somerville, MA 

  • Post-occupancy Evaluation (POE) of Mental Health Clinic 

  • Space Program, Surgical Services, UMASS Medical Center, Worcester, MA

  • Determination of Need for Free-standing Ambulatory Surgery Center, Brockton, MA

  • Space Guidelines for Chronic and Acute Care Hospitals, Determination of Need office, Massachusetts Department of Public Health​

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