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A community's center is like its living room. However, many of our downtowns are less vibrant than residents would like, and less vital than some residents, those who experienced town centers before the advent of malls and on-line shopping remember. Revitalizing our downtowns is critical for our sense of community. There are many opportunities to re-make these centers into locales for community gathering and for housing for elderly, empty nesters, and others seeking smaller multi-family units within walking distance of goods and services. 

The following are projects that Community Circle either led or was a key member of a team that completed the plan.  

What makes a downtown vibrant?

  • Attractive buildings

  • Appealing signage

  • Pedestrian amenities and gathering spaces

  • Urban design features

  • Walking/biking

  • Active ground floor uses

  • Element of surprise

  • Attractive streetscape

  • Adequate parking

  • Feeling of safety

  • Natural features (e.g. shade trees, attractive landscaping, pocket parks)

Downtown Revitalization projects include:

  • Canton, MA: Local Rapid Recovery Plan 

  • Clinton, MA: Local Rapid Recovery Plan

  • Hingham, MA: Local Rapid Recovery Plan

  • Lawrence, MA: Local Rapid Recovery Plan

  • Oxford, MA: Local Rapid Recovery Plan

  • Rockport, MA: Local Rapid Recovery Plan

  • Sterling, MA: Local Rapid Recovery Plan

  • Acton, MA: Construction Mitigation Best Practices

  • Medfield, MA: Downtown Revitalization Plan

  • Lexington, MA: Downtown Revitalization Plan

  • Belmont, MA: Downtown Revitalization Plan

  • Somerset, MA: Downtown Revitalization Plan

  • Bedford, MA: Downtown Revitalization Plan

  • Chinatown, Boston, MA: Downtown Revitalization Plan

  • Strengthening the town or city center has been a component of every master planning project undertaken by Community Circle. Many of these focus on comprehensive revitalization strategies involving economic development, aesthetic improvements, connecting economic development with art and culture, zoning changes, historic preservation, supporting walkability, etc.. 

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