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Community Circle has worked with public agencies to evaluate their programs in terms of how well they are meeting the needs of their stakeholders. Input is collected through focus groups, individual interviews and/or surveys, as appropriate.  Recommendations are then provided based on this input as well as on systematic observation when relevant.

Community Circle worked as a member of a team of professionals with expertise relevant to the program evaluation. 

Program Evaluation Projects include:

  • Visioning, Goal Setting and Program Evaluation with Executive Directors, Center Makor, Brookline, MA

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion training, including evaluation of existing practices for all Town Staff, Committee and Board members, Acton, MA

  • Retreat, Development of Work Plan, and Program Evaluation for Hyde Jackson Main Streets Board

  • Post-occupancy Evaluations of several educational and healthcare facilities including evaluation physical setting (e.g. architecture, space planning) and programs and services provided

  • Evaluation of MassCARE Pediatric AIDS program, Mass. Dept. of Public Health

  • Evaluation of Paratransit System for the Handicapped, San Juan, Puerto Rico

  • Environmental Justice Research Study to identify best practice participation methods for transportation projects in low-income areas. U.S. Case Studies Federal Department of Transportation 

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