Planning for municipalities, organizations, and institutions

Community Circle

Planning for municipalities, non-profit organizations, and state agencies.
User needs analysis and post-occupancy evaluations for organizations and institutions.
Novel public engagement techniques that are attention-grabbing, inspiring, and meaningful.

Making meaningful connections between people and places.

We develop plans for municipalities, institutions, and organizations that enable effective decision-making regarding planning choices, through a carefully crafted process that engages stakeholders at all phases.


This process, together with extensive research, results in a clear and concise roadmap that outlines action steps towards a desired future. 

Community Circle is dedicated to the idea that a meaningful participation process – one that is inclusive, fair, open, clear, accessible and broad-based – is the foundation of good planning. Good planning in turn leads to solutions in which all participants are in step with one another.​

The circle is an inclusive shape that implies fairness

and invites participation. It is the shape of a connected

community. It is also used to indicate and define “place.”

In all planning endeavors we pay close attention to meaningful stakeholder participation and use innovative methods of engagement. We also believe that good planning must focus on sustainability and future resilience, including protection of the environment, social equity, economic vitality, and public health and wellness when and where relevant. An efficient use of resources is also inherent to good planning practice.  


Additionally, in a world of virtual communities and increasing globalization and the resulting sameness, making meaningful connections between people and places is more important than ever and means looking for opportunities to build community and to preserve and enhance that which makes a community unique.  Defining a community's "character" is the first step towards this effort.